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My name is Binta, and I am an aspiring wildlife biologist, human-wildlife conflict manager, and artist.

I grew up in Maine, between a rocky coast line and a deep and inviting conifer-beech forest. My mother is a welder and a remarkably talented fine artist, and my childhood, as such; was punctuated with brilliant costumes, overflowing drawers of craft supplies, and a ferocious encouragement to live creatively.

From the age of ten when I rescued an orphaned squirrel and raised it to release the following spring, I knew I wanted to spend my life protecting the voiceless wild denizens of the world. This drive has since evolved to encompass a desire to shift the tide of our human community towards social and environmental justice.

I worked as a wildlife rehabilitator and an environmental educator for the early years of my career. Eventually, I decided to spend my life working to change the root causes of wildlife endangerment (and other complex social and environmental issues), many of which lay deeply rooted in human behaviors and world-views. I have been working as a wildlife tech and an illustrator for the past seven years.

During those years, I have worked researching and mitigating human-wildlife conflict primarily with black bears, urban coyotes, raccoons, elk, and grizzly bears. While traditional solutions to conservation and human-wildlife conflict have helped us save countless species, our modern and interconnected world faces increasingly complex and deeply rooted conservation questions, which I feel must be approached at the human level; working with the people and communities involved and invested in these issues to create equitable and sustainable solutions.

So how would one go about expanding human perspectives on conservation issues?

On the role of wildlife in our changing world? On the impacts of our own actions?

In this life, I hope to bring facilitated dialogue, collaboration, peace-building, and striking and evocative visual art, illustration, and creative media to the table in attempting to create solutions to complex human-wildlife conflict, conservation, and social and environmental justice issues.

How can we live each day fully and unabashedly

in appreciation and protection of the ephemeral beauty of life on earth?
Thank you for taking the time to support my art and to read my story.

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