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Hazel Galloway

Commissions are paused
feel free to reach out about future projects at

I want my art to have meaning.

I want some of it to protect the voiceless wild denizens of the world,
to shift the tide of our human community towards social and environmental justice,
to expand human perspectives on conservation issues, and on the role of wildlife in our changing landscape.
I want some of it to make us consider the impacts of our own actions.
I want some of it to liberate and empower the oppressed, and protect endangered places.

I want it to help us each
live each day fully and unabashedly in appreciation of the ephemeral beauty of life on earth, and of our own fantastic pieces of it!
I want it to encourage us all to be self-expressive, to be change-makers, to include ourselves in the story of the betterment and beautification of the world.
I want some of it to show people they are loved, that they are welcome, that they are enough.
I want some of it
just to make people smile. To plant a tiny seed of hope or happiness.

I want my art to tell stories of
emerging science,
Of the passionate people who are working to make this world a better place and the work they do.
I want it to tell stories about animals, about people, about places, about the present and the future,
About what the future could be.

You have an important story to tell. You have perceptions to change. You have an impact to leave on the world. You have a beautiful idea.

Can I help you illustrate it?

contact me with your concept(commissions paused)

My price quotes for projects are calculated to pay myself hourly for my work, and to cover the cost of supplies and business overhead. I work in high detail and am meticulous with my projects, so a finished piece can easily take 10-15 hours or more.

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